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The Exotica Enterprise range of naturally infused Rice Bran Oils comes in two delicious flavours; Garlic and Butter infusions.

The benefits of Rice Bran Oil truly classify it as the world’s healthiest edible oil, apart from helping to lower your cholesterol, maintaining a healthier diet and enhancing your immune system it also contains antioxidants, vitamins, it is trans fat free and rich with nutrients.

It also has the highest smoke point 490° in comparison to any other edible oil (incl: olive oil, grape seed, canola etc).

Our Butter infused Rice Bran Oil truly takes away the hassle of cooking with butter; it will season your food with a natural delicious buttery flavour without having to worry about cholesterol intake. Enjoy the taste of Butter on your asparagus, salmon, vegetables, marinates, pancakes, and use it as a taste enhancer on your soups and sauces. You can drizzle Exotica’s Butter Infused RBO straight from the bottle to your popcorn.

Exotica’s Garlic infused Oil is a quick and easy way of using Garlic in your cooking without having to worry about crushing, dicing or slicing garlic cloves or the smell left behind in the handling process. It is beautiful to season and spice every kind of dish from meats to vegetables, breads, pastas, roasts, marinates, seasonings etc. it is the easiest way of cooking with garlic you don’t have to worry about your garlic burning in the cooking process so you can have peace of mind to fry and not worry about your families health.

The benefits of Exotica’s range of Rice Bran Oil is quite endless. Both oils are Gluten Free and produced in Marlborough New Zealand. Both Rice Bran Oil’s come in 750 ml glass bottles and in twin packs including both garlic and butter infused oils. Exotica’s basically makes healthy and delicious simple.

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