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Our Manuka honey infused vinegars are available in three great flavours; original Manuka Honey, Honey and Apple Cider, Honey and Blackcurrant.

They are a delicious addition to any culinary delight, adding a burst of flavour to your salads, stir frying chicken, meat or seafood, creating delicious, mouthwatering sauces, which is the perfect addition to impress family and guests.

Along with its great taste and range of delicious flavours, our vinegar brings you many health benefts. The medicinal and health benefts of vinegar have been known for millennia. In more recent times, a number of clinical trials have been conducted on vinegar to determine its wide-ranging health effects. Vinegar has been found to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as cholesterol absorption. It has also been found to reduce blood pressure. Before the invention of insulin related therapies, diabetics to control their blood sugar levels used vinegar.

Vinegar is also a natural appetite suppressant, and is great for people on a diet. When consumed with food, it actually helps you feel full faster, leading to the consumption of less food.

Our vinegar also has strong anti-microbial and infection fghting properties. Mixing honey with vinegar has been used as a cough medicine for thousands of years. It can also be applied to jellyfsh stings to neutralize the venom and relieve the pain.

Our fabulous range of Manuka honey vinegars not only gives you a great condiment to add to any and all your meals to make them extra delicious, but also provides you with a whole host of health benefts. It really is the perfect product.

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