Love Manuka Smoked Sea Salt



Love Manuka’s Smoked Sea Salt is extracted from the cleanest ocean in the world and it is quickly enriched with the smoke of native Manuka logs. Apart from being delicious, our Love Manuka Smoked Sea Salt contains all the dietary benefts you can expect.

It is pure with no additives and helps balance acidity level in your body. It is known to help your body to create digestive liquid for faster food digestion, which can support any weight loss program. Sea salts also help with the reduction of cholesterol levels, the prevention of osteoporosis, heart diseases, depression and more.

This simple but elegant product will enhance savoury dishes by giving it a powerful smoked fragrant. Just grind on salads, vegetables, meat or seafood. It is a quick and easy way of having a rich smoked flavour on your foods without having to worry about time consuming processes. Defnitely a handy helper to have with your BBQ!