Koura Bay Glacier Wine



Crafted from Riesling grapes, which were given an extended vine ripening time to maximize the rich fruit flavours. After harvest, an extended period of sub zero handling in the winery and a long cool fermentation has concentrated the fruit sweetness while maintaining the natural grape acidity. Glacier Wines are full of flavour, have beautiful aromas and taste fantastic.

  • Colour: Lovely pale straw colour with beautiful golden hues. Bright and sparkles in the glass.
  • Nose: Full and lifted nose. Lovely hints of honey followed by lemon limes notes and the slightest hint of bees wax, strong aroma in the glass. Intense nose that changes as you drink.
  • Palate: Full palate, full of texture and a lovely mouth feel of honey, honey suckle and lemon lime notes coming through as a fantastic balance of acid and sweetness leaving a very well balanced wine. The palate is strong and full and leaves a lovely after taste in your mouth. Nice clean crisp flavours