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Welcome to Exotica Enterprise

Premium Manuka Products – NZ’s Finest Exported Globally

Exotica Enterprise exports premium New Zealand Manuka products all over the globe. New Zealand has a reputation for being clean, green and 100% pure. At Exotica Enterprise we harness that purity to produce products that have outstanding flavour, and are used by chefs, connoisseurs and anyone who loves exceptional products.

Exotica Enterprise Ltd is now one of New Zealand’s fastest growing export companies, with distributors all around the world. Our brands are strategically packaged, positioned and priced to target the high end market but are not out of the range of most people.

Manuka Gold

Manuka Gold is Exotica Enterprise's flagship product. New Zealand’s premium Manuka Liqueur has been endorsed by master chef Simon Gault, who recognised it as the “world’s best Manuka honey liqueur”. Manuka Gold also features on Master Chef and other top food channels around the world.

Manuka Gold is made from honey drawn from the Blue Borage flowers, which grow wild in New Zealand’s South Island high country. It is enriched with grape brandy and distilled extracts from the highly beneficial Manuka tree.

Reviews of Manuka Gold from Industry Leaders

This brand new Kiwi liqueur hits the spot on a number of fronts. It’s a great cocktail mixer, offers a creative addition to many dishes and… best of all it tastes great all on its own!

- Bob Campbell (New Zealand’s leading wine educator, international wine judge and wine journalist)

New Zealanders will enjoy Manuka Gold more as a cocktail, a longer drink in the late afternoon, building towards dinner. It is sufficiently versatile to be able to handle both events very well.

- Peter Saunders (A wine judge in fve countries, a wine commentator and author of 27 wine books)

As a chef Manuka Gold gives you the power to design innovative menus.

- Peter Thornley (New Zealand’s most renowned and coveted chef)

There is a new 100% Kiwi made product on the market that is poised to take the food and liqueur markets by storm.

- Giles Hine (Director of TiZ Wine)

Truly a liqueur that would place New Zealand on the world map as a country that now proudly produces world class liqueurs.

- Jeff Crawley (Group Director of JD Brothers)

Manuka Honey

Manuka is scientifically proven to contain active ingredients which:

  • Offers a delicious and healthy substitute for sweets.
  • Is beneficial and protective for topical burns, wounds and skin care.
  • Provides soothing comfort for sore throats and coughs.